Alumni Profiles

Inspirational alumni who affect change.

Karen Carter

Karen S. Carter (B.S. ’94), remembers the day she snuck away from her high school class trip to Washington, D.C.

As a boy, Michael T. Sales (B.S. ’93) pencil-traced popular comic book characters onto paper. Later, he started conjuring up Southside Nefertiti, among others, in his own cast of Black comic...

For Charlene Jackson Thompson (J.D. ’94), the choices she makes about her family, career and volunteer work are deliberate.

“Everything for me comes from a place of service,” said Thompson...

Leah Aden ( J.D. ’ 06) enrolled at Howard University School of Law to gain tools to be an advocate for Black people and a social engineer fighting for equality.

“Because of the...

Jennifer Ross

Jennifer L. Ross (BSc. Psych ’96) credits her brother’s frankness with oiling the wheels of her life.

D.C. Bankruptcy Attorney and 2016 President of the National Bar Association

Being a stockholder on Wall Street just wasn’t satisfying enough for Kevin Judd (J.D. ’92). Judd wanted to embark on a...


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