Erika Gentry (B.S. ’92)

Gentry family portrait

Erika Gentry (B.S. ’92) celebrated the recent HU graduation of her oldest daughter, Erinn Gentry (B.S. ’21) in Houston with her family, including:

* her uncle, Kenneth King (DDS ’84), who began the Howard legacy;

* her college sweetheart and husband, Wyatt Victor Gentry III (B.B.A. ’93);

* her uncle’s daughters, Joan King Jefferson (B.S. ’95, DDS ’09) and Emily King Neal (B.S. ’95);

* her sister, Caroline Dennis Williams (B.A. ’05); and

* her youngest daughter, Elise Gentry, who is a freshman in the class of 2025.

“[My uncle] often told me, ‘You need to go to Howard.’ And I did, sight unseen.”




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