Simone Missick: Actress, Misty Knight in Netflix’s Luke Cage

Although Simone Missick (B.A. ’03) has been acting professionally since 2003, she’s never had any standout roles. 

Until now.

Missick plays Misty Knight, a police detective with a bionic arm on Netflix’s Luke Cage—a Netflix Original series. The series, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiered Sept. 30. For Missick, playing Misty is something she calls “wildly exciting” and admittedly scary. 

“But just a little,” confessed Missick, of Los Angeles. “Nobody tells you you’re gonna play a superhero all the time when you’re a woman. You could play the wife or the girlfriend or the funny best friend, but to play a superhero is like, ‘Really? YES! I will do that.’”

Misty joins forces with the steel-skinned, super-strong Cage (Mike Colter) in the war on crime. At times, they find themselves at odds and there’s just the right amount of romantic tension between them to keep things interesting.

“She’s just so smart, funny and sarcastic and strong,” Missick said of her character. “You don’t necessarily see that, especially with women of color, without there being some unnecessary stereotype.” 

Missick always dreamed of being an actress. But it wasn’t clear how she’d pur- sue it until she took Professor Kim Bey’s ntroduction to acting for non-majors class. After that, her career path was set. 

“[Bey] picked up on the desire and determination I had. I’d often check in with her and [took as many classes as I could]. ... When I graduated, she helped me decide to move to L.A.,” Missick said. “It was that constant nur- turing, that belief, that encouragement she gave me that made me feel like this was something I could do professionally.” 

The Howard Woman is “proud of her hair, natural or straight. She is comfortable in her skin, in all its shades of ebony. She is tapped in to her community, giving back during her summer. ... She is an outspoken Black Lives Matter organizer. ... She is the woman who can debate with you on who ‘slayed’ on the red carpet and, in the next moment, enlightens you on the United States’ political role in the destabilization of the Middle East. ... She. Is. Everything,” Missick said.

Missick realizes she’s now a trailblazer, given the importance of her role as Misty. She also pointed out that she’s not 21, nor a model ... who’s all legs. Instead, she described herself as a “little brown girl from Detroit.”

“(It) feels so great to be able to share that with other little girls around the world who want to pursue not just acting, but whatever their dream is,” she said. 




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