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Had it not been for the support of the Howard University School of Communications in her early professional years, Cathy Hughes said she wouldn’t be where she is today.

A Howard University...

When Adrienne Lofton (B.B.A. ’99) was on the women’s volleyball team at Howard, she understood how athletic wear could improve her game.

“It spoke to me as an athlete in a way that gave me...

Although Simone Missick (B.A. ’03) has been acting professionally since 2003, she’s never had any standout roles.

Until now.

Missick plays Misty Knight, a police detective with a...

The path to becoming an established author, commentator, professor, editor and preacher has taken Dr. Cain Hope Felder (B.A. ‘66) from Howard to Princeton to Oxford, and back again, as he...

Cheriss May

Cheriss May (B.A. ’94) always had a love for photography. Her passion soon became a career.

What brought you to Howard University?

I was attending Chicago State University in 2002, and I came home one day and told my father I wanted to leave Chicago. He supported my decision...


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