Voices from our community.

Vernon Jordan at Commencement

For those unfamiliar with Vernon E. Jordan Jr., it can be difficult to explain who he was or what exactly he did that made him so influential. He never held public office, nor did he ever run. He...

Vernon Jordan, 'The Connector'
Illustration of Medical Doctor with Covid Treatment

The impact of Chadwick Boseman beyond Howard University.

Howard Forever
Justin Hansford

Law professor Justin Hansford talks about the shifting tides of politics following Biden’s victory

Mood Swings

“The viability of the business was at the forefront of my mind every waking moment. In the beginning we had five full-time employees, and I felt personally responsible for their livelihoods. The...

The Howard Health Care Community Reflects on the Pandemic

Before i even wanted to become a physician, I knew I needed to root my career in serving others. So during my time at Howard University, I found ways to serve the communities I cared deeply about...

Increasing the Number of Black Physicians
A Person Standing Outside a Large Book

When i was eight or nine, my adoptive mother repeatedly smashed my skull against one of my bookshelves, using my hair to maintain her death grip. I was 13 when she swept the kitchen floor and......

The Power of Books


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