Bison Conversations

Fred Killings

We picked a few of your comments from the Winter 2016 issue, “We Are HU Family,” in which you were asked: What do the relationships you have built at Howard University mean to you?

“The bonds I built at The Mecca were sincere and meaningful. While I have my Howard friends that I speak with every day, I equally value the friendships I formed that don’t require as much attention. The friendship that picks back up when I am in town or the friendship that benefits both [of] us professionally. That immediate and sincere response is what reconfirms my love for Howard University.” —Branden D. Bufford (B.S. ’10), Detroit 

Fred Killings

“I can describe my bonds at Howard University as a reason, a season and most definitely a lifetime. The reason I came to Howard was to compete as an athlete; however, my relationships with the students, the professors, the essential and nonessential staff and the community was the reason I developed into a well-rounded individual. The season(s) with my fellow teammates (football), coaches and other athletes specifically in Cook Hall shaped me as a person, a loving father, a brother, and a giver of my time and resources to others. We denote this as “FAMILY.” Which leads me to a lifetime. Bonding with individuals then and now 25 plus years later whom are service oriented, leaders in their respective communities and industries are experiences I will cherish forever. I describe that as Howard made!” —Fred Killings, M.S.M. (B.S. ’90), Philadelphia 

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