Four Students Selected as Rhodes Scholarship Finalists

Rhodes Scholar Finalists From left to right: Farion Cooper, Trey Hawkins, Ayush Giri and Anupam Roy

The 2019 Rhodes Scholarship competition named four Howard University students as finalists.

Farion Cooper (B.S. ’19) was selected as a 2019 Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship finalist. Cooper, a pre-med student with a major in biology, is an aspiring cardiovascular surgeon from the Bahamas. He is also a member of HU’s Men’s Swimming and Diving team.

Ayush Giri (B.S. ’19) was selected as a 2019 Global Rhodes Scholarship finalist. Giri, an aspiring academic and entrepreneurial mechanical engineer, studies mechanical engineering. Originally from Nepal, he matriculated to Howard University on the institutional Founder’s Scholarship.

Trey Hawkins (B.S. ’19) was selected as a 2019 U.S. Rhodes Scholarship finalist. From Birmingham, Ala., Hawkins studies applied mathematics with minors in chemistry and biology on Howard’s pre-medicine track. He aspires to be a mathematician and public health professional. Hawkins has explored public and global health abroad through internships in Fiji, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Anupam Roy (B.A. ’19) of Bangladesh was selected as a 2019 Global Rhodes Scholarship finalist. Roy is pursuing a career in politics and academia and majors in interdisciplinary studies (a new program at Howard University). He has developed research projects with mentors at Columbia University and has secured a research publication in The Undergraduate Law Review at New York University.

These four students make up the largest group of Rhodes Scholarship finalists in Howard University’s history. To date, four Howard University students have been named Rhodes Scholars: Cameron Clarke (B.S. ’17), Marianna Ofosu (B.A. ’03), Carla Peterman (B.A. ’99) and Mark Alleyne (B.A. ’85).




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