Maurice and Kelechi C. Fluitt: A History and Herstory

HU doctoral students chronicle love story from their own points of view 

Kelechi C. Fluitt (Anyanwu)

I’m sure you have heard the statement: “You will meet your future spouse in college.” We met at Howard University, but as graduate students. As Christians, we believe that God connects the right people at the right time.

It was summer 2010, and we were both accepted to work as dorm counselors for the Howard Upward Bound program. As a veteran of the program, I wanted to show Maurice “the ropes,” so I called a meeting. He was late and sweating, and I thought, ‘He is not serious.’ Although our professional relationship began on rocky terms, Maurice proved to be a phenomenal dorm counselor.

In fall 2010, I started my Ph.D. program in counseling psychology, and a year later, Maurice started his Ph.D. in genetics. Looking back, my friendship with Maurice was an essential part of my success at Howard. He was my friend, prayer partner, confidant, supporter and counselor. As time passed, I felt in my spirit that Maurice was the one. Our friendship evolved into a wonderful courtship, and I am excited to walk this journey called life with him. We are two doctoral candidates, racing toward the finish line, hand in hand, united as one.

Kelechi C. Fluitt (Anyanwu) is a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology program in the Department of Education. She served as the graduate trustee on the Howard University Board of Trustees during the 2014–2015 academic year. 

Maurice B. Fluitt (M.S. ’11)

I’m amazed at how God brings us to the right places and people at the right time. This is true of my journey with Kelechi. We met on a humid day in June 2010. We both worked as dorm counselors for the Howard University Upward Bound program. Kelechi was the veteran, so she requested that we meet at Blackburn so she could “show me the ropes.” Tired and hot from moving my stuff into Drew, I made it to our scheduled appointment ... 45 minutes late and drenched in sweat. Kelechi was not happy, and my chance of making a solid first impression was blown.

As Kelechi began her doctoral studies, our friendship continued to grow. We became connected at the hip and did everything together, from late-night study sessions in Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library to planning for Graduate Student Council events in the Graduate School. Over time, my feelings for Kelechi shifted and the angels sang. I realized that she was indeed my answered prayer—a God-fearing, driven, compassionate, witty and beautiful woman. I am grateful that God used Howard to connect me with my rib, my crown ... my wife.

Maurice B. Fluitt is a doctoral candidate in the Genetics and Human Genetics program in the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the College of Medicine. 




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