In Their Shoes

Jayda Farmer

Morgan Marlbrough
Major: Sports Medicine
Minor: Chemistry
Classification: Junior
Hometown: New Orleans
"The University, as a whole, preaches about giving fair opportunities to everyone, and everyone matters. I understand it’s an all-Black university. ...It doesn’t bother me. I don’t really see a difference. We’re all humans in the end. Some people have just been like, "Oh, why is she here?" You can see the looks on people’s faces. ¯I’m someone who is open to new experiences. Coming to D.C. from Louisiana was really scary, especially by myself because I've never left home. I like to experience life.” 


Eddie Kaye
Major: Economics
Minor: Mathematics
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Tracy, Calif.
“I’m very family-oriented. It’s really like my basis for everything. It’s my driving force. I am the youngest of six. The oldest is 33. I feel like I’m getting grilled by them all the time…like I have five additional parents. But, I see myself as a full-time banker. East Coast, established and taking it from there. I like new areas, I still have a lot to discover about the East Coast. It’s new territory. But I’m someone [who] is ambitious. I set really high goals. Sometimes, I’m like, ‘Whoa, that’s pretty out there,’ but I know somehow I’m going to make a way. ”


Jerome Inniss
Major: Information Systems
Classification: Junior
Hometown: D’abadie, Trinidad
“So, it might be stereotypical that Caribbean people like to party. But last year was the UMD Glow J’ouvert party. It was the closest thing I had to J’ouvert, a Trinidad party, since I’ve been here. J’ouvert is a big thing, and it was a tradition for my friends and me every year, we did J’ouvert. So, having missed J’ouvert from the year before and that year, having this J’ouvert experience was the closest thing to home that I could get. Partying in Trinidad is where you meet a lot of friends. You meet other people, you meet your friends, and then you meet their friends and you get good with them. It’s a whole ecosystem of people.”


Pratyush Thapa
Major: Computer Science
Classification: Freshman
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
“I’ve had a lot of opportunities here. I have an internship this summer with one of my dream companies, Google. I’ve always been a tech fan from my early ages. I’ve always wanted to work for a big company. I came to know that a few of our sophomores and seniors go to work at Google. I talked to a sophomore from Nepal, and he’d interned there. I was pretty excited. I’d set up my mind for working there, specifically. The faculty here helped me a lot. I am someone [who] will step my foot forward to learn. My personality says that a lot. I play three to four sports; I love singing; I like learning about instruments.”


Nife Olawoyin
Major: Chemical Engineering
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
“When I first came here in 2012, I did not know what Howard was … I heard about Howard through my Iranian friend…Moe. He came for the homecoming, the one that Drake was at. But I like to try new things. I’m DJ-ing. I’ve always been a lover of music—my whole family, basically. I learned it from my dad. My dad has a collection for days. I remember him playing Michael Jackson every single Saturday while we cleaned the house all day. Literally every album, I know them word for word almost. ”


Giovanna Dorvelus
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry and Spanish
Classification: Freshman
Hometown: Mission, Texas
“I’m from Mission, Texas, which is nine minutes away from the Mexican border, so I didn’t even know that Howard existed until my dad told me about it just a couple of weeks before I was done filling out my applications for colleges. I didn’t know where it [Howard] was, I didn’t know how far away it was. I didn’t even know what an HBCU was, to be honest. I never imagined myself to be here.”


Jayda Farmer
Major: Sociology and Psychology
Classification: Freshman
Hometown: Manhattan, N.Y.
“I applied to this school last. I needed an extra school to apply to. I figured I’d try an HBCU. So I applied to Howard and got in, and they gave me a full ride. That was the determining factor for me coming here. But when I visited, I fell in love with the campus because it’s so beautiful in the springtime with the cherry blossoms. I went to a predominantly White school my whole life, so I wanted to try something new, and I felt like I was at a point in my life where the reality of being Black in America was really hitting me and I really wanted to do something about that.”





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