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Kirstin Roebuck

The growing issue of food insecurity—a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life has prompted nutritional science majors at Howard University to provide nutritional......

Nutrition for the City
Students Moving In

Howard University faculty, staff, personnel and returning students welcomed a freshman class of 1,598 students as they arrived on campus in mid-August.

Freshmen Move-in
Rhodes Scholar Finalists From left to right: Farion Cooper, Trey Hawkins, Ayush Giri and Anupam Roy

The 2019 Rhodes Scholarship competition named four Howard University students as finalists.

Farion Cooper (B.S. ’19) was selected as a 2019 Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship finalist. Cooper, a...

Four Students Selected as Rhodes Scholarship Finalists
The Student Effect

Year after year, Howard University students make an impact on society beyond the University’s classrooms. Howard Magazine caught up with a group of students to discuss what they...

In Their Shoes

No boring pedagogy here. These courses are one of a kind. Contemporary, rare and made to order. “Policing Inside Out TM” was born out of desperation. A mandate from the student body. We need to do...

In Their Words: Where Education Is Couture: The ‘Dr. Muhammad Experience’ at Howard

For many alumni, Howard University is a family affair. But one family has not only witnessed several members achieve the distinction of earning a Howard degree, they have created a legacy...

Bison Philanthropy: One Howard Family’s Legacy of Scholarship, Giving


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