Voices from our community.

Howard University has long been the prototypical opportunity University, with an unwavering commitment to the words inscribed on Alma Mater’s original seal, which reads, “equal rights and...

The Journey to 150 Years

The history of Howard University is one of the most remarkable and consequential in American higher education.

On the Sesquicentennial of Howard University

Current seniors sounded off on their Black experiences at Howard, and whether they are prepared for life after undergrad.

A Look Back at My Howard Journey

I didn’t attend Howard University for my undergraduate or graduate studies, so I will not pretend to know what it’s like to walk in her shoes. I traveled to the Howard Homecoming during my early...

Let's Put Our Minds on Her
Miss Kirie Frederick

Social transformations grow out of the interaction between collective experience and personal achievement. One of the greatest global changes, to date, is rapidly expanding the role of women. My...

President’s Perspective: She Who Breaks Barriers
Eleanor W. Traylor

I am sure that Howard Women number among those that Claudia Tate has illumined as “the cult of true womanhood,” and fill the roster of Dorothy West-varieties of Jack and Jill. I am sure that they...

Howard Women I Have Known


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