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Jasmine Breeze

A lyrical, globe-trotting novella that takes its biracial and bisexual protagonist from Louisiana to Morocco as she seeks to combat her inner – and outer – demons.

Heir to the Crescent Moon

Awarded the Iowa Prize for Literary Nonfiction, the writer examines her Muslim heritage, an identity she yearned to realize even as her father tried to distance her from it.

A Pledge with Purpose

Explores the impact of the Black Greek letter organi- zations in the fight for racial justice and economic equality.

Wally and His Amazing Asparagus

Young Wally discovers that asparagus is more than just delicious and nutritious, but also makes a great sword for battling giants.

MaRaJa's Dream

Chronicles her life as she evolved from a child who loved art to one of the youngest and most sought-after African-American costume designers today.


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