Finding My Roots and Other Stories

By: Carmen Barclay Subryan (M.A. ’83)

Finding My Roots and Other Stories (Demerara Press), by Carmen Barclay Subryan (M.A. ’83), is a coffee-table book with 10 stories and more than 50 pictures.

A DNA test that the author took provided the impetus for these 10 short stories set mainly in the Linden area of Guyana, South America.

The first story, “Finding My Roots,” not only focuses on the author’s European roots but also on the fact that her African roots, the majority of her DNA, will never be unearthed or explored. The backdrop of most of the stories is the scenic Demerara River on the east bank where the author lived for 12 years.



Book cover: Finding mY Roots

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