Grandma Julia

By: Ann Y. Tyler (B.F.A. ’61, M.A. ’76)

Grandma Julia (Telemachus Press LLC), by Ann Y. Tyler (B.F.A. ’61, M.A. ’76), recounts the life of Grandma Julia. A woman who raised 10 children, Julia Mae Jones Eastman was fervently determined to preserve the stories of her family ancestry.

She meticulously filled the old black-and-white composition Sterling notebooks in a beautifully flowing longhand using pencil to write down her rich childhood memories. Within these writings she began with her great-great-grandmother, Edyth, who arrived in Virginia shackled as an African slave. The author has transcribed and edited, then added more family information, to this fascinating volume, from the 1900s into 2000 and beyond.



Grandma Julia Book Cover with old photography of woman holding child's hands.

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