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Born and Raised in Sawdust

The autobiography of retired Howard engineering professor emeritus who grew up during the Jim Crow era.

Dance Through the Storms

inspires and guides readers who may feel like there is no hope during or after the storm.

12 Affirmations for the Amazing Kid

12 Affirmations for the Amazing Kid by Charlie Bingham Jr. (J.D. ’08) is focused on connecting young, diverse readers together through colorful illustrations and encouraging them to walk in...


Anti-Racism: Powerful Words, Inspiring Ideas by Kenrya Rankin (B.A. ’03) is a colorful book about the anti-racist movement through the words of leaders, including the new generation of heroes...

Fairy Cornbread

Fairy Cornbread by Arian T. Moore ’05) introduces concepts of family, giving and courage, all with a drop of magic and a sprinkle of suspense.

Dear Child, People May Hate You...

Dear Child, People May Hate You by Savannah Walker (B.A. ’17) is a conversation tool for parents and educators to use with their children to have open and honest discussions about hate, racism...


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