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Ambitions of a Bison (Blind Ambition Publishing), by Ira Porter (B.A. ’03), is a fictional tale of the ways in which the lives of five Howard students intertwine.

American Shero (First Edition Design Publishing), by Courtney Long (B.F.A. ’89), uses humor to give an honest look at the politics of romantic relationships in modern society.

For Lovers Only: A Cookbook and More (Sherry Winston), by Sherry Winston (Mus.B. ’68), includes romantic food and drink recipes for two, along with recommendations for atmosphere and music to set...

Eliminating Inequities for Women With Disabilities: An Agenda for Health and Wellness (American Psychological Association), by Shari E. Miles-Cohen (M.S. ’92; Ph.D. ’98) and Caroline Signore...

The Entertainer (Outskirts Press), by Sandra Sully (B.S. ’68; MSW ’70), is a suspenseful novel about a shocking crime at a local theater in a small town in Missouri.

Pineapple Sugar (Darby and Allen Publishing), by C. Punch Brown (Cynae Brown) (B.A. ’01), is the story of a 12-year-old girl learning to deal with tragedy as she is forced to decide between...


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