Innovations and honors in our community.

Michael Bloomberg at medicine ceremony

Former New York mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg spoke to the graduating class about the critical need for more Black doctors.

ROTC Ceremony

Nine Army cadets and 11 Air Force cadets were honored in the first Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Joint Commissioning Address on May 5 in Cramton Auditorium.

Howard University’s Office of Student Life and Activities hosted the 2021 Inaugural Lavender Graduation Ceremony virtually on May 19, 2021. The celebration was an opportunity for the Howard...

Colleague and Danda Rawat

Hackers tricked Tesla Autopilot into breaking speed limits. Howard researchers have questions.

Shannell Thomas

Exploring the Role of Race and ‘Civic Virtue’ in the Continued Disenfranchisement of Florida’s Ex-Felons.

Chief Strategy Officer Rashad Young talks about pillars, milestones and Howard swag.


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