Innovations and honors in our community.

Colleague and Danda Rawat

Hackers tricked Tesla Autopilot into breaking speed limits. Howard researchers have questions.

Testing Intelligence
Shannell Thomas

Exploring the Role of Race and ‘Civic Virtue’ in the Continued Disenfranchisement of Florida’s Ex-Felons.

The Right to Vote

Chief Strategy Officer Rashad Young talks about pillars, milestones and Howard swag.

Moving Howard Forward

For decades, Howard students have studied, embraced and debated women’s issues. Now, the field has its own home. In March, Howard opened the new Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership...

Howard’s New Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership
BWHET Case Simulation Lab

East of the Anacostia River, some Washington, D.C. residents find it dif- ficult to access critical health services. In fact, the Health Resources & Ser- vices Administration (HRSA) reports...

Training Social Workers to Bridge Gaps in Health Care
Dr. Muhammad with an incarcerated mother and son and daughter

In research, children of incarcerated parents (COIP) are often dehumanized, villainized, stigmatized and labeled as future prisoners.

I was very uncomfortable with how research was...

Resilient Black Love Among Children of Incarcerated Parents


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