College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Haiti Project

In June 2016, two nursing students along with clinical instructor Rodney Perkins from the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences participated in the International Service Learning Project: Fort-Liberté, Haiti. The project was sponsored by the National Organization of the Advancement of Haitians in New York (NOAH-NY), Howard University College of Medicine and Howard University Hospital.

During the 10-day tour, sponsored by Health First, Howard University Hospital and NOAH-NY, the group attended “World Health: Special Focus on Haiti,” a two-day conference at the Université d’Etat d’Haïti. For the service learning, the nursing students assessed vital signs and patient complaints during the initial screening before the provider visit. Patient populations included pediatrics and adults. Additional clinical experiences included shadowing registered nurses in family medicine, pediatric medicine, gynecological surgery and remote internal medicine clinics. The students’ experiences culminated into data-driven research projects on the topics of adult ophthalmology and pediatric gastrointestinal and dermatological needs as they pertain to the health care of Haitians. The projects were presented at the Third Annual Global Health Symposium at Howard University Hospital in July.




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