Grassroots Fund-raising Campaign Takes Off

Last March, three Howard students met in front of the Plaza Towers to discuss creating a program that would allow alumni to donate funds to the University for student financial aid services or other projects. Five months later—after pitching the idea to the University’s administration—founders Anthony Miller, Stephen Miller and Caleb Davis officially launched the We Are Howard campaign. Since its launch online on Aug. 21, 2014, the grassroots campaign has raised close to $120,000, with almost 900 Howard alumni donating.

“The response that we’ve gotten has been phenomenal. Our initial goal when we pitched the idea to Howard was to raise the alumni giving percentage by just 1 percent. We were able to do that within the first month and a half of the campaign. It exceeded our expectations greatly,” Anthony Miller says.

The We Are Howard campaign stresses the importance of the phrase “we are how.” The founders of the campaign believe that change at Howard must come from alumni and students working together. The principles of leadership and teamwork frame the foundation on which the campaign stands.

“It has been really amazing to see the impact that the Internet has had on this campaign, allowing alumni across the world to connect and share their reasons for supporting Howard,” Miller says.

By expanding the avenues through which Howard alumni can give back to the University, the founders of the campaign are hoping to establish a mentorship program with alumni and students. The campaign will host future events with alumni and students to support the cause.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for Howard University to really engage with the alumni and show them exactly how and why they need their support, and how their support has made a difference at Howard University,” Miller says.

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—Erika Rae Whitehead




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