Howard Seniors Earn Rangel Fellowship

Sabrina Newton

Seniors Sabrina Newton (pictured above) and Elizabeth Le have been named 2019 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellows.

Sabrina Newton, a Barbados native studying political science, was awarded the 2019 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship. As part of the Rangel Program, Newton will work during summer 2019 for a member of Congress on issues related to foreign affairs.

Elizabeth Le

A political science major, Elizabeth Le, daughter of North Vietnamese refugees and a native of Long Beach, California, plans to use the fellowship to create global peace. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she will pursue a master’s degree in international conflict resolution and work toward a career in foreign service. Le will complete internships on Capitol Hill and overseas as a diplomat in a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Since 2003, the Rangel Fellowship Program has selected outstanding young people each year from around the country who exhibit the ideal qualities of a Foreign Service Officer. Funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by Howard University, the fellowship will support Newton through a two-year master’s degree in an area of relevance to the Foreign Service.




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