Howard University President Announces Establishment of Norris Campbell Fund

In memory of her late father, Norris Campbell, who was treated for esophageal cancer at Howard University Hospital, Camille Campbell, her mother Brenda Campbell and uncle Mervyn Campbell, all from Trinidad and Tobago, have donated a $20,000 gift to Howard University to establish the Norris Campbell Fund. Additional donations of more than $32,000 have been made, bringing the fund to a total of more than $50,000. Current Howard University president, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, treated Norris for three months in 2012.

Norris was a “big believer in education,” Camille said.

“In these times, with an education, you can be wherever you want,” Camille said. “We didn’t have a choice. To us, [not getting an education] was never really an option.”

Camille said her father was very proud to see Frederick as a successful man who was also from Trinidad and Tobago.

Frederick expressed similar sentiments about Norris, whom he said was always very involved in the Trinidad & Tobago community, genuinely cared for and did quite a bit for others.

“Mr. Campbell exhibited the excellence that I strive for,” Frederick said.

Norris died in September 2012, but “it wasn’t for a lack of them trying,” Camille noted.

“My dad had the best care that [Frederick] could offer,” she said.

Frederick invited the Campbell family to his inauguration earlier this year, and after learning about different ways to give to Howard, the family decided that the fund would be a great way to honor their late father.

“We all decided that, in honor of Dad, [who was] so proud of Wayne, [and] into education, let’s see what we can do to give back to Howard University,” Camille said.

The gift to the University will be a scholarship for students from Trinidad and Tobago who are studying accounting—Norris' chosen profession—marketing, law and other related majors.

“I hope that we can help some students out there,” Camille said. “It’s a legacy of my dad. If we had to give Howard a thank you in some way, we think that he would appreciate [us establishing the fund]. I wish he was alive and this wasn’t the case…[but] it means education and opportunity for some students from Trinidad and Tobago.”


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