Campus Gate

In this Fall issue of Howard Magazine, we meet the Bison who are also altering what we once thought of, and often tolerated, as “normal.”

This Fall, our campus is full once again.

Frank Tramble

As the new chief communications officer for Howard University, it is my honor to introduce our reimagined, redesigned and still beloved Howard Magazine.

President Wayne Frederick

The Howard University motto of “Truth and service” seems to convey a sense of humility; we simply pursue the truth and use that truth to serve our community. But there is actually an audacity to...

Khesia Taylor

I am continually impressed by the depth of Howard’s service initiatives. Spanning several states, countries and continents, it is work that is ever-expanding and evolving.


Khesia Taylor

As the new University Editor, I am honored to be the editor of your—and now mine, too—beloved magazine and excited to be a team member in the Office of University Communications.



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