The Art of Impact

RaNeeka Claxton Witty




1. have a strong effect on someone or something.

Not everybody can do it.

Not every university is capable of it.

Impacting the world is not easy. It’s an art – one that Howard University has had down pat since its founding in 1867.

Those inside the community have lived and breathed this influence day in and day out. Walk across “The Yard” with open ears and easily overhear a pair of friends or colleagues alike talking about this one’s success here, and that one’s accomplishment there. Outsiders certainly see and hear the effects of Howard’s brilliant Black minds being manifested about in the globe’s professional stratosphere. They read it in the news media, social media, University publications or elsewhere.

The pages of this issue ride the wave of those 150-plus years of Howard University impact and expansion beyond the campuses themselves. You will read about the University’s partnership with Google Inc. in Silicon Valley, Howard West; its plans to improve elements of the main campus landscape; the new, larger OB ward at the Howard University Hospital and sundry stories about HU’s powerful foot- print throughout.

Celebrate with us as we put the spotlight on the continued work of Bison, both near and far.

Excellence in Truth and Service,




“Connecting You to HU” is our goal. Howard alumni truly define this university and reinforce the powerful legacy that is our alma mater.