Building a Sustainable Future

President Wayne Frederick

This year we celebrate 152 years since Congress granted a charter signed by then U.S. President Andrew Johnson that resulted in the establishment of this institution: The Howard University, arguably one of the most noteworthy accomplishments in the history of American colleges and universities. Since our founding, Howard has been a leader in groundbreaking research, excellent academic programs and service to our community. Our beloved institution ranks among the best in the nation.

Today, we are poised to inspire new knowledge and lead in employing innovative approaches to solve the world’s most contemporary problems through disciplines such as technology, liberal arts, science, healthcare, big data, business and fine arts, to name a few. Our Howard University has retained a powerful legacy that is built upon rather than rested on.

We have reached a pivotal point in the University’s history where we must invest in ourselves and plan for #HowardForward. Thus, we have developed a bold outline for the future.

While forthrightly accepting its primary mission, Howard strives to:

1.Enhance academic excellence

2. Inspire new knowledge

3. Serve our community

4. Improve efficiency and effectiveness

5. Achieve financial stability

Coupled with our mission to provide an educational experience of exceptional quality and our commitment to producing distinguished global leaders, we are embarking on a forward trajectory that positions Howard University as a model of excellence in academics and operations. Our strategic plan articulates attainable aspirations for a more sustainable future and outlines the five overarching priorities that we are uniquely equipped to address.

As we look toward the profound changes ahead of us and explore a new vision for the future, it is essential to be mindful of the evolution required for Howard University to remain relevant and honor our mission-driven promise to meet the challenges of the communities around us and those from which we ascended. We will have to make difficult choices in order to invest in our future. That analytical process will be laborious and time consuming but it’s necessary for our forward movement.

The most certain component of Howard’s future is you. Thank you for your continued support. For more information on our vision for Howard’s bold future, read “Howard Forward: Envisioning the Future” in this issue of the magazine and visit

Excellence in Truth and Service,

Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D., MBA




“Connecting You to HU” is our goal. Howard alumni truly define this university and reinforce the powerful legacy that is our alma mater.