In-depth profiles of the people who make Howard great.

Keeping companies and organizations accountable for building representative work environments has been an ongoing challenge since the signing of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act made...

Filling in the Corporate Diversity Gap

Three Howard artists use their creativity to project Black voices and perspectives.

The Art(ists) of Protest
Student smiles while shoveling dirt.

“In Truth and Service”—or Veritas et Utilitas —is a motto that the Howard community constantly strives to live up to and exemplify. The annual Howard University Day of Service (HUDOS) hosted by...

The Value of Service
Grandparents during their bi-monthly grandparents support group meeting, where they share their stories, offer each other support and receive counseling from Robert Cosby, Ph.D.

Howard's School of Social Work forges community connections that make a difference.

An Agent of Change
A student at her desk

University programs enhance academic excellence for young learners.

Shaping the Path to Higher Education
Mural depicts a boy shooting a basketball and two figures holding hands.

School of Divinity alumna creates safe spaces for victims of gun violence.

A Space to Heal


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