In-depth profiles of the people who make Howard great.

Artist Charly Palmer and student

“Doing this piece, doing the research for this piece, coming back during homecoming and standing on that sacred ground...” began Atlanta-based Palmer, who’s 38-by-28 inch watercolor of Howard......

Hospital room

She started her nursing career at Howard in 1971, when it was still called Freedmen’s Hospital. The Howard grad has since held multiple roles at the hospital, most of which involved caring for...

Derrek Niec-Williams (B.Arch. ’07), the executive director for campus planning, architecture and development, and Anthony Freeman, the senior real estate adviser to the president, have been with...

Howard University School of Law has long broken barriers by ushering black alumni into the judiciary.

When it comes to training and preparing greats in the arts, Howard is no stranger.

With HBCUs and social justice having always marched to the same tune, students sound off from their perspective.


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