In-depth profiles of the people who make Howard great.

There is no doubt historically Black colleges and universities play a major role in American history.

For some black families, carrying on the generational tradition of attending an HBCU is a no-brainer.

Howard Student
Keija Minor (J.D. ’99)

A day without Howard is a day without Keija Minor, the first African-American to hold the editor-in-chief title with Condé Nast since its inception in 1909. Specifically...

Leslie McKinnon and Ingrid Harris are well-acquainted with repetition. The fifth-year biology Ph.D. students are putting to use the $2,500 grants they were awarded after twice applying for the...

Howard University doctoral student Sirak M. Mekonen has been named a 2017 Cosmos Club Foundation grant winner, which awarded him $2,800 for research into terahertz spectroscopy for...

Postcard image of St. Hilda’s school, which succeeded to the hotel in Harper’s Ferry.

Don Graves Sr. chronicles his great-grandfather's journey to becoming a ‘striver, pioneer and righteous Black rebel.’


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