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R. Delacy Peters

Four Howard University students share their study-abroad experiences from Oaxaca, Mexico, over the summer, in real time.

Howard Students Take Studies to Mexico
Commencement 2015 Graduates

Howard University graduated more than 2,400 students, including undergraduate, graduate, professional and certification students, at this year’s commencement ceremony in May.

Ursula M...

Commencement 2015

Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick (B.S. ’92; M.D. ’94; M.B.A. ’11) was inaugurated on March 6 as Howard University’s 17th president during a ceremony on the University’s historic campus. The inauguration...

Inauguration and Charter Day 2015
Alternative Spring Break, New Orleans

The Alternative Spring Break program, which is committed to serving communities in need and involving students in meaningful service, sent more than 450 students this year to community service...

Alternative Spring Break 2015

Computer science graduate Chris Hocutt (B.S. ’15), recently hired at Google, may signify a step in repairing the long-standing “404 error” of Silicon Valley’s relationship to diversity...

Googling, Gaming, Navigating into Silicon Valley
Dr. Kellee Jenkins

As the journey of a thousand miles can begin with a single step, it is fitting that Dr. Kellee Jenkins’ upcoming trip that spans more than 4,000 miles began with just a few steps across the room...

Making Strides in Literacy


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