In Their Shoes

The Student Effect

Year after year, Howard University students make an impact on society beyond the University’s classrooms. Howard Magazine caught up with a group of students to discuss what they’re doing to change the world. Here’s what they had to say:

Troi Henderson

Troi Henderson
Junior TV and film major, playwriting minor
Chicago, Illinois

I was able to create new relationships during study abroad with students at other D.C. schools, and fostering those relationships has taken me out of D.C. and helped me explore its other communities. This has helped expand my overall creativity and connection to the city.

Bhawesh Thapa

Bhawesh Thapa
Junior Civil engineering major
Balaju, Nepal

Having been raised in a very homogenous place, it was very important for me to understand and interact with different people around me. I have been expanding my skills outside of Howard’s borders by learning to connect with people. I have played soccer for as long as I can remember. Soccer is a team sport. You need to communicate with your teammates to play. In the States, I play with Americans, Jamaicans, Mexicans, to name a few, who have a different style of playing the sport. But, as you play with them for a while, you get to know them as simply friends or a person like you, instead of as foreigners. This helped me enjoy the sport more and create new relationships outside of the classroom.

James Ousman Cheek

James Ousman Cheek
Senior Environmental studies major, Japanese minor
Washington, D.C.

Since presenting at the 2017 HBCU Climate Change Conference, I’ve been inspired to correct issues with waste management strategies both in the U.S./Global South and countries at other stages of development. I am in the process of starting a nonprofit through which I hope to initially approach the city in order to create comprehensive recycling, composting, waste reduction programs and investigate mechanisms of waste reduction. Additionally, I’ve been honing my artistic skills through graphic design, 3-D modeling, clothing construction/design and general networking with D.C.’s creative community. I’m currently work at a print shop/ creative venue on Georgia Avenue and Kennedy Street. As I see it, my interests overall actually reinforce each other, so my priority is pursuing opportunities that help me become more well-rounded and engage with what I’m passionate about to affect positive change.

Brooke Ward

Brooke Ward
Freshman African-American studies major, administration of justice minor
Atlanta, Georgia

D.C. provides myriad opportunities for learning from professionals from the political climate of the city. In this way, I've been able to actualize my aspirations and participate in tangible ways. With this privilege of first-hand experience, I've been able to critically think about my career paths following college.


2 Howard Students Selected as Marshall Finalists

Howard University senior computer information systems major Simeon Kakpovi (B.B.A. ’18) of Silver Spring, Maryland—by way of Benin—and Mary Morris (B.A. ’18), an acting major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were named finalists for the 2018 Marshall Scholarship.


Howard Senior Advanced as Class of 2019 Schwarzman Alternate

Howard University senior and international business major Jordan Culpepper of Hazel Crest, Illinois, was named an alternate for the 2019 class of Schwarzman Scholars. Culpepper was selected for this distinction alongside the 147 winning scholars, chosen from more than 4,000 applicants from 39 countries and 97 universities spanning the globe.

Culpepper is the second Howard student to advance in competition for the Schwarzman Scholarship—the first student being HU alumna Greer Roberts (B.B.A. ’17), who also was an international business major.




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