In Their Shoes: Why I Chose Howard

Deante Taylor

Every year, Howard admits students from all over the country and from around the world. Each student comes with different goals, visions, passions and dreams. While they are each different in terms of where they come from and their professional aspirations, what they all have in common is their commitment to scholarship, academics, and the overall mission of Howard University.

Howard’s Presidential Scholars are selected based on their high academic achievements, having at least a 3.75 GPA, and at least a 1500 SAT or 34-36 ACT. For the 2019-20 academic year, Howard admitted 14 students under the program. Howard Magazine sat down with four of these academically gifted students who had the option to attend any college in the country. Read to find out why they chose Howard and their personal reflections on what the University means to them.

Ruth Davis sits on stair railing and smiles.

Ruth Davis
Mechanical Engineering

I chose Howard University due to the unique opportunity to be around other Black students whose academic goals mirror my own. Howard University’s status as a Tier I research school also provides me with a special opportunity to conduct research, which is what I plan to do in the future.

My mom and dad both attended Howard and they speak very highly of their experiences and how it prepared them for their future endeavors. Their advice greatly influenced my decision to attend.

Howard University has produced generations of Black leaders and being able to attend such an illustrious institution will give me the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. In history, there hasn’t been much support or many opportunities for Black students in STEM fields.

Howard’s ability to nurture and provide opportunities to Black students in science, technology, engineering and math is creating a pipeline that will help to increase the global presence of contributions from Black scholars in those fields.

Tristan Charles wears a Howard shirt and smiles while sitting on a bench.

Tristan Charles
Trinidad and Tobago

As an international student, funding for college was hard to come by. Many universities said they didn’t offer scholarships to international students, but Howard gave me the opportunity that others wouldn’t. That’s why Howard is important—it offers opportunities to those who deserve them but can’t get them anywhere else. They provide a place for minorities to thrive and succeed.

Deante Taylor wears a Polo shirt and smiles at camera.

Deante Taylor
Computer Science
Trinidad and Tobago

I chose Howard University mainly because of the experience I knew it would give me. I didn’t know much about Historically Black Colleges and Universities or Predominantly White Institutions, but after I did my research and learned more about these institutions, Howard resonated with me and it made my decision easy.

It is my belief that Howard University is a place where different cultures and people can intermingle and learn about their history and heritage. Howard also has a community for every cultural group, something that definitely does not apply to most schools.

For me, being an international Caribbean student, joining in on their presence on campus has been amazing and not something I expected to happen.

I am truly in love with my Howard experience and look forward to the future and what is to come!

Andrew Toba Awoniyi leans against a stair railing wearing a RVCA shirt and smiles at camera.

Andrew “Toba” Awoniyi
Computer Engineering
Mansfield, Texas

As my high school career came to an end, the search for the right college became increasingly stressful. Various schools offered me money, superior education, and experiences that would last for a lifetime. Many offers seemed promising, but none of them seemed to truly encompass my ideal college experience. I decided to apply to Howard, when it offered me a Presidential Scholarship I knew I couldn’t say no.

I chose Howard due its prevalent inclusivity and prestige. Howard University is a place that African Americans can come to cultivate their knowledge while being surrounded by people with similar origins and upbringings. I consider this, as well as similar values propagated at other HBCUs, necessary in order to uplift the Black community as a whole and grant us opportunities to make individual, positive impacts on the world.




“Connecting You to HU” is our goal. Howard alumni truly define this university and reinforce the powerful legacy that is our alma mater.