Dr. Albert W. Morris, Jr. and Sandra Hall Morris

Albert W. Morris, Jr. (M.D. ’76)

Diagnostic Radiologist, Retired, VA Hospital +

Sandra Hall Morris (B.S. ’75)

Vice Chancellor of Public Relations, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Location:  Memphis, Tenn.

The Meeting:  Fall 1973. The late Bruce Fudge, Albert's frat brother, Sandra's "big brother", and the couple's mutual friend, told Albert that he had the "perfect girl" for him to meet.   It was "like" at first sight. 

First Date: Pointer Sisters concert at the John F. Kennedy Center

Why: “We were wonderfully meant to be.  We're best friends who love each other completely and share a deep spiritual connection. … We are grateful to Howard…for providing the foundation for us.”





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