Love Story: Aliyah and Omar Powell

Aliyah and Omar Powell sit together wearing a wedding dress and suit respectively.

Aliyah Powell (B.B.A. ’17)

Pursuing an M.B.A. in Strategic Business Management at Hofstra University

Omar Powell (B.B.A. ’17)

Middle Market Underwriter, Global Risk Solutions, Sompo International

The Meeting: We met in the 21st Century Advantage Program’s Team Leader Training. We were both business majors in the School of Business.

The First Date: Our first date was at Asian Spice in Chinatown, Washington, D.C.

The Why: When we started as co-team leaders for the Team Leader Training program, we sat down in Starbucks on Georgia Avenue and went over the terms of this newly formed partnership.

We made a commitment to support each other, be a united front, always be honest and when the job got hard, remember why we were doing it.

Our friendship turned into romance and romance turned into a long-term commitment. On our wedding day, we made similar commitments but this time, to our lifelong partnership.

Other Info: Aliyah is a former Miss School of Business, Miss Residence Life and Miss Annex. Omar is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.




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