1940's In Memoriam: Alumni

Gloria G. Pratt, B.A. 1946, died Oct. 3, 2014. Pratt was employed with the U.S. Department of Labor as a member of the senior executive service and an international economist. As chief of the branch of Foreign Economic Policy, she represented her department in Geneva, Switzerland, during the Kennedy Round of tariff negotiations, the first woman to do so. Pratt was commended for her outstanding contributions to improve U.S. foreign economic policy. She was 89 years old.

Mable Price Kirby, D.I.P. N. 1946, died Nov. 2, 2014.

Thomas Norman, B.S.E.E. 1947, died Nov. 1, 2014.

Eva M. Stewart, S.W.Cer. 1949; M.S.W. 1950, died Oct. 9, 2014. Stewart worked at the Red Cross, where she implemented a model training program for students and volunteers. This training program was later adopted by other Red Cross chapters across the country. She later worked for the Department of Health and Human Services and created a program called “Bridging the Gap,” which recruited, hired and trained African Americans for government career positions. Stewart retired from Howard University, where she served as director of field education for 17 years. She was 97 years old.

Evelyn Walker Armstrong, B.A. 1949, died Jan. 10, 2015. Armstrong’s career at Merck Research Laboratories at Merck & Co. spanned nearly half a century, from 1949 to 1992. As director of the Merck Literature Resources Center, she led the design, development and operation of information centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She founded the J.D. and Laurena Walker Fund of the national public charity Youth Achievers USA Institute. She was 87.

Frank E. Adams Sr., B.S. 1949, died Oct. 29, 2014. Adams was a jazz musician, recording artist, lecturer, teacher, composer and founding member of the Birmingham Heritage Band. Adams joined the administrative team of the Birmingham City School System as the program specialist for instrumental music. He served as the executive director of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame from 1997–2001. Adams later became director of education and community services, and professor emeritus, for the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Adams was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He was 86 years old.

Mary B. Cora, B.A. 1949; M.S.W. 1951, died Jan. 3, 2015. Cora was a writer, artist, counselor and activist. She became a psychiatric social worker and later travelled the world conducting cultural research in West Africa, South America, the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. She later became an instructor and counselor at Consuelo Escalona, the University of Puerto Rico, and the Department of Education Teacher Training and Teacher Corps programs. After living in Puerto Rico for nearly 20 years, she moved back to Washington, D.C., where she worked for the Head Start Program at the United Planning Organization. She later moved to California, where she served as an associate professor and counselor.




“Connecting You to HU” is our goal. Howard alumni truly define this university and reinforce the powerful legacy that is our alma mater.