Edward William Brooke III

Former U.S. Senator Edward William Brooke III, an honored alumnus of Howard University (L.A. B.S. ’41) whose ground-breaking achievements gave him national stature and wide-ranging influence as a public servant.

Senator Brooke was the first African American elected as a state’s attorney general. He fol- lowed that success by winning election to the U.S. Senate in 1966, becoming the first African American to sit in that body since Reconstruction. He is one of only nine African Americans to serve in the Senate. A Republican in a Democratic state, the senator served two terms and became one of the most popular politicians of his time.

He was an activist willing to reach across party lines and use his power and influence to serve the underserved. He was a leader in the campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment and fought for integration of public schools in Boston. He also spearheaded the Brooke amendment to the federal housing act in 1969, which limited the amount of income a family paid for rent in public housing.

Senator Brooke was a proud alumnus of Howard University, who was awarded an honorary degree in 1967 for his historic achievements. He was an advocate for education and a generous donor, with several scholarships in his name for the benefit of students in need. Senator Brooke exemplified Howard’s commitment to Truth and Service. 




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