In Memoriam: David Dinkins

David DinkinsFormer Mayor of New York City and Howard University alumnus David Dinkins (B.A. ’50) lived Howard’s values of truth and service. In all he did, he acted in accordance with the needs of those around him.

From 1990 to 1993, Mayor Dinkins served as the first and only Black mayor of our country’s largest city. He took over the helm of New York at a time when the city was besieged by crime, corruption and racial division.

He was dedicated to serving all of New York’s many diverse populations and making his government as inclusive as possible. He appointed African-American, female, Hispanic and openly gay individuals to important posts. Mayor Dinkins was also determined to serve the interests of the city’s impoverished and underprivileged, including New York’s homeless populations.

In 1991, he also received Howard’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award in the field of politics. In 1992, he served as the opening convocation speaker and received an honorary Doctor of Laws.




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