In Memoriam: Michael Masch

Michael Masch and His SpouseAs Howard University's senior vice president and chief financial officer and treasurer, Michael Masch was a tremendous asset to and advocate for our University during his six-plus years of leadership.

He played an instrumental role in guiding our institution toward achieving greater financial sustainability, one of the key pillars of the Howard Forward strategic plan. His efforts and dedication will continue to benefit the University and all the students, faculty and staff who come to Howard for many years to come.

Throughout his tenure at Howard, Michael used his vast knowledge and experience in the education landscape to guide our University forward so we could reach even greater heights. He understood the unique role that Howard plays as an institution of higher education. He had a passion for helping elevate our University and enhancing our prestige and reputation across the country and throughout the world.

Michael joined Howard in 2015 after serving as vice president for finance and chief financial officer at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. He had previously worked as the chief financial officer of the School District of Philadelphia, and he also served as the secretary of budget and administration for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Prior to working with the commonwealth, he held the position of vice president for budget and management at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael was a man of impeccable integrity and humility. He was kind and gentle with everyone. He was a family man who was very proud of the recent additions to his family of his two grandsons. We will miss him greatly.




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