In Memoriam: Saphronia Drake

Saphronia DrakeFor more than two decades, with boundless generosity, an engaging sense of humor, professionalism, and an unparalleled commitment and dedication to students, Saphronia Drake served as the senior administrative assistant to the department of political science, the graduate program administrator and as the administrative assistant to the political science chair.

Drake began her service in the political science department in 1995. Her ability to master tasks with efficiency and precision became legendary. She was a rare gem, a personification of motherly love and humanity.

She worked assiduously to foster the vision and mission of the department of political science, especially in so far as the students are concerned. She managed to maintain the responsibilities of the department in lean and difficult times of unprecedented departmental changes, doing so with unflappable resilience and dignity.

She touched every community associated with the University, from the custodial staff and the campus police, from administrators to cafeteria workers, from alumni and donors to mail deliverers and salespeople. Not only did they all know her, but she knew them and their stories. Her warm personality and ready openness to friendship will be missed.

Ravi Perry, Ph.D., Chair, political science department.




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