In Memoriam: Victor C. W. Dzidzienyo (B.ARCH ’67, MCP ’69)

Victor C. W. DzidzienyoProfessor Emeritus C. W. Dzidzienyo had a long and illustrious career as an educator, administrator and practitioner in the United States and abroad, especially in his homeland of Ghana.

Affectionately known as "DZI," he graduated with two degrees from Howard in architecture and in city planning. He then joined the faculty in 1969, where he stayed until 2017. His roles varied from professor to dean and director, as well as chair of the Department of Architecture from time to time.

His professional experiences as a designer and city planner indeed provided real world experiences for his students. His strong advocacy of community service with an activist orientation for direct action undoubtedly led to his coining the term “the architect activist,” which is attributed to training Howard architecture and planning students to be change agents in their communities.

Professor Dzidzienyo left an indelible imprint on the nearly 1,700 students who graduated from our architecture and planning programs during his tenure at Howard.




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