Remembering fallen alumni.

Derrell A. Graham Jr., B.B.A. 2013, died April 11, 2015. After graduating from Howard, Graham worked for MemorialCare Health System in Fountain Valley, California as a clerical assistant in the...

2010's In Memoriam: Alumni

Lt. Col. Louis E. Ridgley Sr., B.A. 1939, died Nov. 14, 2015. He was 97.

1930's In Memoriam: Alumni

Charles Howell Clark, M.D. 1949, died June 3, 2015. After graduating from Howard, Clark served as the senior assistant chief of Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tuskegee,...

1940's In Memoriam: Alumni

Joseph R. Osborne, B.S. 1949, D.D.S 1954, died Oct. 17, 2015. He was 88.

Hazel J. Garrison Bonner, B.S. 1950, died March 8, 2016. After graduating from Howard, Bonner earned a master’s...

1950's In Memoriam: Alumni

Annie Mae Coleman, Nursing Diploma 1960, died Nov. 30, 2015. After graduating from Howard, Coleman worked as a surgical nurse at UPMC McKeesport Hospital. She also worked at other hospitals in...

1960's In Memoriam: Alumni

Elizabeth Hyde Thompson, M.S. 1970, died Dec. 23, 2015. After graduating from Howard, Thompson pursued post education in human ecology at Rutgers State University. She dedicated most of her life...

1970's In Memoriam: Alumni


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