Remembering fallen alumni.

LaVerne Duckwilder, B.A. 1971, died Nov. 20, 2015. She was 66.

Dr. Lorraine Gillian, B.S. 1971; M.D. 1977, died July 10, 2015. Upon graduation from Howard, she entered a four-year...

1970's In Memoriam: Alumni

Dr. Getatchew Marsie-Hazen, M.D. 1981, died June 19, 2015.

1980's In Memoriam: Alumni

Elaine Ah-Low, M.S. 1995, died July 2, 2015.

Valda Joyce Bobo-James, B.S. 1980, D.D.S. 1996, died July 30, 2015. She was 58.

1990's In Memoriam: Alumni

Jaizelle Leshani Rome, B.Che.E. 2006, died May 14, 2015. Upon graduation from Howard, she began her career as a packaging engineer with P&G at its global headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio...

2000's In Memoriam: Alumni

Ada C. Palmer Henry, D.I.P. N. 1943 , died Sept. 30, 2015. She was 95.

Bettie Emma Carmichael McDowell, D.I.P. N. 1944 , died Aug. 16, 2015. After graduating from Howard, McDowell...

1940's In Memoriam: Alumni

Olive Reynolds Wilson, Ph.D., B.MusEd 1958 , died Sept. 15, 2015. After graduating from Howard, Wilson moved to Elizabeth City, N.C., and taught high school music. She then became a guidance......

1950's In Memoriam: Alumni


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