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Illustration of people interacting
The New Normal
What can we expect as the pandemic winds down? Howard's experts say there will be challenges, but also some blessings.
Sarah Thorne
Seniors Share What It's l...
[What] made me want to come back here to campus was the home feel.
Medical Supplies
In Health Care We Trust
Howard University medical researchers and practitioners serve as a bridge between the Black community and public health.
Howard University Golf Team
Athlete Ambassadors
Howard's first division I Men's and Women's golf teams remember the history of the sport as they work to make its future more diverse and inclusive.
Three Howard alumni posing for portrait
Repainting The Town
Three Howard alumni are leading the charge to broaden the palate of New Haven’s once white-dominated arts and culture scene.

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Campus Gate

In this Fall issue of Howard Magazine, we meet the Bison who are also altering what we once thought of, and often tolerated, as “normal.”

The Time is Always Now

“There is never time in the future
in which we will work out our salvation.
The challenge is in the moment;
the time is always now.”

— James Baldwin

Students sitting socially distant for graduation
Graduates of the classes of 2021 and 2020 were able to come back to campus for an in-person commencement in May, held...
Michael Bloomberg at medicine ceremony
At the Howard University College of Medicine ceremony, former New York mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg spoke...
Thirty years ago the world watched as Rodney King was beaten by police in Los Angeles. People protested the Persian...
James E Silcott
James E. Silcott (B.Arch. ’57) has been elevated to the 2020 College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects...
Jasmine Breeze
A lyrical, globe-trotting novella that takes its biracial and bisexual protagonist from Louisiana to Morocco as she...
The Edwards during a recent family photoshoot.
Then In 1993, communications majors Lesley Edwards (B.A. ’96) and Julian Gaither (B.A. ’95) met in a chance encounter...


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