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Bison Bookshelf Spring/ Summer 2024

Books written by the Howard community

by Autumn Coleman (BA ’24)
books by Ryan Hyde

Voices in the Twilight by Louis Alexander Hemans (BA ’68) displays a literary collection of poetry, letters and short stories. Altogether, the words explore topics of love, philosophy, death, education, the slave trade and more.  ​​​​​​

Optimizing Your Gifts for Career Success: My Journey Leveraging Resilience, Mentorship and Leadership Mien by Ronald Edward Smiley (BS ’70) describes Smiley’s unique journey that resulted in the culmination of his successful career as an engineering professional and senior executive. The book seeks to offer advice for burgeoning professionals who are seeking career advancement in today’s job market. 

We Refuse: A Forceful History of Black Resistance by Kellie Carter Jackson (BA ’04). As a historian, Jackson examines the history of Black resistance to white supremacy. Violent and non-violent forms of resistance are highlighted to show the tactics that shape Black struggles on the road to Black liberation. 

Sh+Aguar, The Night Huntress by Sanhi Smalls Santini (Sandra L. Smalls) (BA ’79). Kitt Kougar is the owner of a Manhattan nightclub who becomes superhuman through a lifesaving medical transfusion with enhanced DNA. The reader follows Kitt’s journey as she grapples with her new supernatural status and the changes it makes to her life and morals.

Sign Language Safari by Chari White (BA ’11). Little Champion, who is hard of hearing, encounters wild animals who help him find his voice during a safari adventure. 

Media Racism: The Impact of Media Injustice on Black Women’s Lives by Dr. Marquita M. Pellerin-Gammage (BA ’06) defines and examines the role of media in shaping the lives of Black women while providing insight into the intersection of race, gender, and media representation in today's everchanging world.

Negotiating While Black: Be Who You Are to Get What You Want by Damali Peterman (JD ’08). Readers are guided through Peterman’s decades of experience in navigating spaces as the only Black women in the room. Peterman shows readers that everything can be up for discussion and by being yourself you have a better chance of obtaining the things that you want.  

Her Truth and Service: Lucy Diggs Slowe in Her Own Words by  Lucy Diggs Slowe (BA 1908) and edited by Howard professor Amy Yeboah Quarkume. Speeches, articles, and letters written by alumna Lucy Diggs Slowe Illuminates the rich legacy and her fight as a trailblazer for education and Black women. 

Ballet Beignet by Arian T. Moore (BA ’05) follows Zoe and her brothers on their quest for fresh baked beignets. A mistake in baking gives Zoe magical dancing powers right before her ballet recital.

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