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  • Jasper Smith and N'dia Webb hold The Hilltop's 2023 Homecoming edition together

    A Centennial of Writers: The Hilltop Celebrates 100 Years of Storytelling

    The Hilltop, the oldest Black collegiate paper in America, will celebrate 100 years of publication on January 22, 2024. The entity, founded by Zora Neale Hurston and Louis E. King, continues to serve as the voice and record keeper of Howard University.

  • illustration boy with hands on chin and clouds around his head

    Being Black with ADHD

    For Black families with the neurodevelopment disorder, unique challenges emerge.

  • President Ben Vinson III with first-year students

    Ben Vinson III Believes In The Howard Way

    Recently named Howard University’s 18th president, Vinson has promised his authentic self in the role. As he completes his first 100 days, we contemplate his journey to The Mecca — and his ambitious vision for its future.

  • collage of hip-hop art


    Hip-hop is more than just a genre of music. It’s a way of life.

  • 90s collage Howard University

    1990s: Tha Golden Era

    In the ’90s, hip-hop spread its wings – geographically, culturally, academically, and politically.

  • yardfest 2022

    2020s: Still Roaring

    As we celebrate hip-hop at 50, Howard reflects on the genre’s current presence and its future potential.