• nine women deans of Howard University on stairs

    The Women Deans of Howard University

    In 2014, when Howard chose a new president, there was one woman dean. Today, there are 10. Here’s how they’re changing the University — and the paths for Howard students.

  • cartoon of woman walking stairs while men take elevator

    Changing the Career Game

    Black women continue to advance in a range of professions, despite systemic barriers.

  • woman sitting under raincloud graphic

    A Healthy Mind

    More Black women are starting to take charge of their mental health. Here’s why.

  • Kenisha Ford in front of blackboard

    Hidden Figures, Made Visible

    In the United States, about 3% of physics doctorates are earned by women of color. But that’s changing – and Howard is working to be that change.

  • Mecca 2.0 animation

    The Mecca 2.0

    Howard University is innovating towards a learning environment that reflects the 21st century and beyond.

  • Howard students in data science

    Beyond the Numbers

    Howard is preparing to educate the next generation of Black data scientists.