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  • President Vinson

    From the President

    From Opening Convocation to my inauguration, to Charter Day and now Commencement — thank you for an absolutely memorable first year.

  • Rin-rin Yu and Lydia Sermons

    Fixing our Democracy

    Four years later, we face the same ballot with the same names. What's changed?

  • Rin-rin Yu and Ben Vinson III

    Letter from the Editor - Winter 2024

    We decided to show everyone the duties of our new president, Ben Vinson III, specifically on a Monday in November ahead of Thanksgiving.

  • Vinson family

    From the President

    I am excited to partner with you in ensuring these grounds remain fertile for future generations of Bison.

  • Pres vinson

    From the President

    From our esteemed faculty to our students and alumni, Howard University’s impact on hip-hop culture continues to resonate in ways, big and small.

  • four people standing in front of This Is Hip Hop sign


    Our editorial team was a flurry of ideas over how to cover Howard’s role in hip-hop over the years.