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From the President

I am excited to partner with you in ensuring these grounds remain fertile for future generations of Bison.

by Ben Vinson III, PhD
Vinson family

Brandon, Yolanda Fortenberry, Allyson, Sully, Ben IV, and President Vinson. Portrait by Rhonisha Franklin

Dear Howard University Community,

Ben Vinson III with Cheriss May
President Vinson with photographer Cheriss May (BA '94)

It is a pleasure to write to you once again from the pages of Howard Magazine! I am honored to serve as this quarter’s feature story, and I want to thank our editor-in-chief Rin-rin Yu, as well as Howard alum and adjunct professor Cheriss May, for their patience and diligence in shadowing me. It’s not often you’re offered the opportunity to work with a photographer who has covered individuals with the stature of First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I feel fortunate. Cheriss is a masterful photographer – I recommend you view her work when you have time!

Since we last communicated, I was inaugurated as the 18th president in the 156-year legacy of Howard University. From the weeklong academic symposium to the inauguration ceremony itself, I remain awestruck by the love and support demonstrated to my family and me. Please allow me this moment to thank you once again for the spectacular opportunity to lead one of our nation’s most important institutions. I do not take this moment for granted. I am excited to partner with you in ensuring these grounds remain fertile for future generations of Bison.

We are already hard at work in 2024 towards transforming that goal into reality. Our faculty and students continue to shine both nationally and abroad, demonstrating just why we are one of the top academic institutions in the world. Our admissions team is reviewing applications from some of the top students across the globe, determining what will once again be one of the most competitive classes in our history. We are also deep into preparations for our 157th Charter Day and our commencement exercises, two occasions that I am already eager to witness in-person. With warmer weather on the horizon, I encourage you to stop by and reacquaint yourself with the majesty of our campus. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to say hello, there is always a good reason to return home.

I want to thank you all again for welcoming me with such open arms. In just these few months, I know for certain that Howard is truly poised for maximum strength, and I believe that we will get there – together. I cannot wait to witness all the spring semester has in store for The Mecca.

Committed to Truth and Service,

Ben Vinson III, Ph.D.


This story appears in the Winter 2024 issue.
Article ID: 1786

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