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  • woman with american flag

    Black and Gold

    While Black athletes traditionally overindex in few Olympic sports, representation has begun to increase in others ranging from swimming to golf to judo, and Howard University has been at the fore. 

  • Voting animals

    The Young Black Voices in America’s Election

    This presidential election, 36% of Black 18–24-year-olds are enrolled in college and eligible to vote, the typical age of an undergraduate student. What do they care about, and what do they need to know?

  • Center for Journalism and Democracy

    The Center for Journalism and Democracy

    The Center for Journalism and Democracy at Howard University was created to strengthen historically-informed, pro-democracy journalism.

  • pregnant woman belly with sonogram

    Black Moms are Dying. What’s the Prescription?

    The death rate of pregnant Black women in the United States is three times the rate of pregnant white women – and rising.

  • Jasper Smith and N'dia Webb hold The Hilltop's 2023 Homecoming edition together

    A Centennial of Writers: The Hilltop Celebrates 100 Years of Storytelling

    The Hilltop, the oldest Black collegiate paper in America, will celebrate 100 years of publication on January 22, 2024. The entity, founded by Zora Neale Hurston and Louis E. King, continues to serve as the voice and record keeper of Howard University.

  • illustration boy with hands on chin and clouds around his head

    Being Black with ADHD

    For Black families with the neurodevelopment disorder, unique challenges emerge.