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  • Dr. Frederick with group of medical students

    Professor Frederick

    How education became the forefront of Dr. Frederick’s legacy.

  • Frederick family prays at dinner

    The Family Tree

    Dr. Frederick attributes his success to the close relationships of family and friends he’s held through his life.

  • Dr. Frederick in letterman jacket with camera recording

    The 17th Presidency: A Transformational Decade

    The Story of Howard University’s 17th Presidential Administration, led by Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick

  • Kenisha Ford in front of blackboard

    Hidden Figures, Made Visible

    In the United States, about 3% of physics doctorates are earned by women of color. But that’s changing – and Howard is working to be that change.

  • nine women deans of Howard University on stairs

    The Women Deans of Howard University

    In 2014, when Howard chose a new president, there was one woman dean. Today, there are 10. Here’s how they’re changing the University — and the paths for Howard students.

  • cartoon of woman walking stairs while men take elevator

    Changing the Career Game

    Black women continue to advance in a range of professions, despite systemic barriers.