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  • woman sitting under raincloud graphic

    A Healthy Mind

    More Black women are starting to take charge of their mental health. Here’s why.

  • Mecca 2.0 animation

    The Mecca 2.0

    Howard University is innovating towards a learning environment that reflects the 21st century and beyond.

  • Howard students in data science

    Beyond the Numbers

    Howard is preparing to educate the next generation of Black data scientists.  

  • AJ Ross on the field

    Eye on the Ball 

    Eye on the Ball: Howard’s women are making inroads in sports media and marketing.

  • drawing of students in various forms of learning

    How Digital Learning Saved the Classroom

    Virtual tools saved higher education during the pandemic and will take physical spaces on campus to new dimensions.

  • Female swimmer gliding through water

    Making Waves

    Howard University is the only HBCU left with a Division I swimming and diving program, leaving the team with a responsibility to do more than just win competitions —it has to win over more African Americans to the sport.