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Dr. Frederick's Presidency by the Numbers

A look at the changes on Howard's campus during Dr. Frederick's days in office.

Dr. Frederick with kiwibot

Dr. Frederick and new trustees encounter a kiwibot food service delivery on the Yard. Photo by Pete Souza.


Fall 2014: 10,265
Fall 2022: 12,886

Four-year graduation rates

2014: 40%

2022: 59%

Grants and contracts awarded

In 2018, Dr. Frederick re-launched the Office of Research.

2018: $53,000,000
2022: $122,130,412

US News & World Report Ranking

2014: #145
2022: #89

25,000 COVID-19 vaccines

Distributed through HU’s vaccine clinics from December 2020-April 2021

$785 million

Real estate initiatives to construct new academic buildings for the first time since 1984


Graduation rates for GRACE grant recipients (a 100% match for students who receive maximum Pell Grant which he established in 2014)

Applications received

2011: 8,794
2021: 29,396

(source: Chronicle of Higher Education)

Credit Rating

Fitch and S&P Global Rating

BBB (Positive)

This story appears in the Winter 2023 - Special Edition issue.
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