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Bison Bookshelf Winter 2023

Books published by members of the Howard University community

by Nylah Lee
books by Ryan Hyde

Communications Internship Handbook: What HBCU Students Need to Know by Rochelle Daniel, PhD (BA ’86) and Karima Haynes provides students of historically black colleges or universities with the insight and tools to seek and gain the right internships and perform well during their internships.

Fighting Through The Fear: My Journey of Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse details the harrowing personal journey of C. David Moody (BARCH ’82) and healing all while raising a family and building a successful business.

The Dictionary of Colors and Colored Words by Peter Isaacs (BBA ’91) is the world’s only true and comprehensive collection of lexically verifiable colors and colored words!

Upright Bass The Musical Life and Legacy of Jamil Nasser: A Jazz Memoir by Muneer Nasser (BBA ’92) chronicles Jamil Nasser’s evolution from a young bassist on Beale Street, the musical epicenter of Memphis, to a top-flight bassist on the New York jazz scene.

Introducing... The Shapes Family by Cathleen Saxon (BS ’70) is the story of a family of African descent that provides young children of color the opportunity to see themselves in print, imagine being in a royal family, and learn shapes.

The Games Boys Play: Decoding the Secret World of Men in Modern Relationships, Their Tendencies and How to Win in Love by Yameen A. Chestnut, LMFT (BS ’98) explores the key to unlocking the best from within relationships by understanding qualities and attributes that could ultimately help them not just survive, but transform through challenges inherent to most relationships today.

Making It Happen: How to Turn Setbacks into Comebacks for Generational Success by Leah Howard and Pat Howard (DDS ’92). This mother-and-daughter written book shares personal narratives in life and academia where they re-live their shared experiences of pursuing higher education to help others navigate their own paths.

Improbable MD: From the Bayou to the Boardroom by Derek J. Robinson (MD ’02) traces his unlikely journey from fishing on the bayous of Louisiana, to an ER and helicopter flight physician in Chicago, to leadership in some of the US' largest health care organizations.

Ninja Brownies by Arian T. Moore (BA ’05) is about three brothers who get ninja powers from eating their mom’s special brownies, allowing them to defeat a villain caught stealing treats from the family bakery.




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